We would like to Thank every Sponsor and every Racer, that has supported us here at OMSWe will continue to try and provide the best racing experience that we can, with the biggest events that are possible for us. Thanks Again!!


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WELL HERE IT IS THE NEW 2014-2015 STARTS THIS COMING SUNDAY, October 26th, 2014.  We will start this season as we did the last with the 5th Annual Hillbilly 400 sponsored by McFarland Custom Painting. We will start with a Cookout at 12:30, with Warmups starting at 1:30, and Racing to follow at 2:30. We will again attempt to have this race outside ! Last year rain made us run the A-Main inside.


Everyone is Welcomed and we hope to see you all, as we start what should be another tremendous season here at OMS !  

We have waited about as long as we could, to see if Parma would be stocking 501 Deathstars Motors, for our upcoming 2014-2015 season. After a lot of thinking and debating, without any clear answers from Parma, we feel we have been forced to add another option for the motor in our Late Model Class for this season. So this season you will have your choice of running your old Parma 501's or switching to this ProSlot PS-2002 motor. Either motor will be allowed this season.

 This PS-2002 motor from Pro Slot is as close to the same 16D Parma Deathstar 501 that we could find that we felt would be suitable to allow in our Late Model series. We will soon be stocking some of these motors at OMS, and you should be able to get them from any dealer of Slot car parts. Hope this clears up some vital questions we have been receiving here at OMS, and I hope to see you all for the New Season, that is just around the corner!

 ATTENTION the 2014-2015 SEASON SCHEDULE is Complete and now POSTED  !!!!!!   *******

After some back and forth tweaks to make sure our schedule here at OMS didn't conflict with anything else, we have now finished the 2014-2015 Season Schedule. All of our previous sponsors have agreed to continue to support us here at OMS, and we have also been able to bring in 3 new sponsors that now makes our entire schedule, for every Late Model race a paying Event !! Another first here at OMS !! We have said it before, but it can never be said enough........"Thank you to all of our loyal Racers and Sponsors as this is why we continue to grow!" This is our 5th year at OMS and we have some BIG things planned for this upcoming Season! everyone is Welcomed!!  Something a little different this year is we will start the season off with a Practice race night for no points to get everyone "charged up" to start the season. The first Point race will be on a Sunday afternoon, first time we have ever ran a race on Sunday. The second race of the season will be run on a Saturday night. The Friday before is Halloween and we knew some of our racers have little ones that like to "trick or treat". Then after that odd start to are season we will be back to our normal Friday night Events.  A write-up by our OMS reporter Denny Lefevre is in our "Results" section, and the regular season schedule is posted now in the "Schedule section. Check back often as we will be announcing a lot of "new things" for this 2014-2015 Season as we try to make our racing even better!! Is that possible?? we'll see!


The Slot Car World Championship sponsored by Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and Lucas Oil is in the books, and JIMMY McFARLAND breaks his drought and finds his way back to Victory Lane !!!

After going a little over two years without a Victory and knocking hard on the door the last couple of races, Jimmy McFarland finally found his way back to Victory Lane here at OMS, and what a way to get back there, by capturing the win in our 3rd annual Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Slot Car World Championship !!! This was our final race of the 2013-2014 season here at OMS, and after  another tight night of qualifying, we knew the A-Main was going to be another tight, nail biting, Feature and it was !! Jimmy had to hold off Alan Sagi and a hard charging Brent Hottle to claim the win and take away all doubts that he couldn't win again here at OMS. It was another awesome race, and a well deserved victory! Allie Cates claimed her second Powder Puff race also at this week's event.

Full Results are now posted in our Results section, Final Season Points in our Point section, and Top 3 Driver Interviews, plus Powder Puff Interviews, are posted below!




Video Interviews and News

Here's the videos of our 2013-2014 Season Ending Awards Banquet

Sponsor Corner

These are the sponsors that have already committed to sponsoring events at OMS for the upcoming 2014-2015 season. 


Champion Auto Sales of Winchester, will stay as the sponsor of the 5th annual Slot Car Nationals for the 2014-2015 season. Thanks!!


We want to thank Ritchie Lewis, of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, for choosing to become a part of OMS, as well as the whole Lucas OIL Products team. They will again sponsor the season ending 4th Annual LOLMDS Slot Car World Championship for this 2014-2015 season.Thanks to All !!


Dirt on Dirt will  sponsor the  3rd Annual  Dirt on Dirt 400 here at OMS. It's an honor for OMS to be associated with Dirt on Dirt. Thanks

Powell's Plumbing will sponsor the 3rd Annual Silver Dollar Nationals for this 2014-2015 season. Thanks

John & Jennifer Kennedy from Advocare will sponsor the 3rd annual King of the Slots race. Thanks

John Blankenship and his wife Heather, have come onboard here at OMS to sponsor the 2nd Annual COAL america's energy Black Diamond Nationals race this season. Thanks

The Harbaugh Amusements Appalachian Mountain Dirt late Model Speedweek Series & KRS Graphics has come onboard this year to sponsor our 2nd Annual Winter Nationals for the 2014-2015 Season. Thanks

Greg Gunter owner of Gunter's Honey, will continue to be the sponsor of our 3rd Annual Battle at the Bullring Twin 200 Event. Thanks.

ASI Racewear, has agreed to become a sponsor here at OMS, and they will supply us racing shirts of some of the nation's top drivers, to be given away as doorprizes, and awards at each event this season. Thanks

USA Produce & Seafood will join OMS this year and the sponsor the 1st Annual WinterNationals race, for this 2013-2014 season. Thanks

Anthony's Pizza will continue to sponsor the 5th Annual Outback Twin 200, for this 2013-2014 season . Thanks!!

Bob Minnick of Minnick's Auto Repair and Towing,  will again sponsor our 4th Annual Freedom 200 , for this 2014-2015 season. Thanks

Dave Daggit, owner of our local Rhino Linings and Valley Accessory Center,  will  sponsor our 3rd Annual Raymond & Frank HotShoe 200 Memorial Race.season. Thanks .

Jim Stasioski owner of Loco-Motives Shopping Mall Trains, has come onboard to sponsor our 4th Annual North/South Showdown Race. Thanks

Gasoline Alley Auto Sales, will be the sponsor of the 4th Annual Commonwealth 200 for this 2014-2015 season. Thanks

A BIG Thanks goes out to Don Warren of Warren Systems Inc., for all of his hard work in getting this site up and running, as he will always be a part of The Outback Motor Speedway. For all you computer needs and repairs, give Don a call at 540.722.3192


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